All Rites - Heritage or Hindrance

Listen to this episode from ARE WE EUROPE on Spotify. Have you ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated differently throughout Europe and how traditions and cultures have changed throughout time? How is it celebrated in Basque culture, and how is it holding up against political controversy, bans under a dictatorship and the current Covid thunderstorm? Get yourself a glass of wine or a fresh and cold pint of beer, take a break from the stressful season, get comfy on the couch, and join us while

Unconventional ways to learn a language if you’re stuck at home and on a budget

Even with the motivation to learn, the barriers to acquiring another language can seriously hinder progress. It can be time-consuming and expensive without adults slowly teaching vocabulary in a high-pitched voice because they think you’re a cute baby. So, since we’re no longer babies, here are a few ways to learn a language on a budget and have a little fun along the way.

CORSICA: Sisters in arms

Anne-Laure Cristofari was born in 1978, two years after the creation of Corsica’s emblematic independence movement, the FLNC (National Liberation Front of Corsica). Her birth also came three years after another nationalist movement occupied Aléria, a village in upper Corsica, in a struggle against the French military. The subsequent bloodshed marked the beginning of an episodic power struggle between the French State and Corsicans seeking independent government. Anne-Laure heard about the armed

Workout Beyond Borders

A new sport is growing in Armenia, stretching beyond national borders and into disputed territory to encourage healthier lifestyles. It goes by the name of Street Workout. The team has set up a new branch in a contested area, right in the middle of an ongoing geopolitical conflict between Armenia, Azerbaijan and a de facto independent state. Their mission is clear—to encourage more people to exercise.

Late Start

The standard black school phone in Zellah Nault’s office, the kind made from sturdy plastic, gets a lot of use in the mornings. She calls a lot of parents, focusing on the numbers through her wire-framed glasses and she punches the smooth buttons. On a late March morning, she answered a ring. “Hello?” she said, simply. It plays out like rhythm, like the exchange is regularly rehearsed. She responds with finality. “We’re on our way.” Every morning, Nault, Rocky Boy schools’ student/teacher liai

My French story: Having my visa rejected makes me question if I belong in France

Everyone came to the Champs Elysees to cheer in the streets after France won the world cup; red, white and blue streamed across the sky and every face passing by. The French colors were vibrant, along with the French pride -- something I am struggling to identify with after my visa application was rejected. I am American and my partner is French. I can stay, but I can't work. As I am overjoyed France won, I feel like I lost. My story is little to nothing compared to the mass issue of immigratio

How to make friends with your French neighbours in rural France

One of the biggest challenges of moving to rural France is the task of making friends with the French locals, something seen as essential to helping new arrivals settle. Here are some tips from those who have done it. Settling into an antique stone and timber home overlooking vineyards or rolling fields a short walk from the boulangerie in the nearby village sounds the idyllic lifestyle for foreigners who move to the French countryside

Money saving tips: How to survive Paris on a budget

Paris is regularly ranked as one of the priciest cities in the world. But if you're on a tight budget, here are some tips for you. Using Metro ticket after Metro ticket can really rack up the bills fast, with each journey costing €1.90. But if you buy 10 tickets at once, known as a "carnet", it's just €14.90 (or a saving of around 20 percent). If you're travelling a bit more, then the Navigo pass is the most bang-for-your-buck option. It’s your personal transportation card in Paris for the Met

Skrah guilty of seven release-agreement violations

Klamath County Sheriff Frank Skrah was found guilty on seven out of 12 release-agreement violations, fined $1,100 and had the conditions of his release agreement amended on Friday. “Everybody in this room would rather be someplace else,” Klamath County Circuit Court Judge Roxanne Osborne said. “This is not good for the community, this is a bad deal for everybody. I gave this a lot of thought. I don’t feel like Sheriff Skrah is arrogant, I feel that this isn’t done out of arrogance or he’s ignoring the court, I think that he was not using the best judgement.”

City schools deal with teacher shortage

School districts around the country are facing teacher shortages, but how districts approach alleviating the shortage varies. The Herald and News reported last Sunday the Klamath County School District addressed the teacher shortage in several ways, one of which includes offering restricted licenses and providing ample training for teachers. The Klamath Falls City Schools District has a different approach to the same problem.
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